Our goal is to continue to improve the capabilities of this platform

POFpro is always going to be a work-in-progress because we want to make and keep it as the best tool to do POF advertising. We have many ideas for future features we want to implement. We hope our fans continue to provide input on features that will help them.

  • Advanced Analytics: With so much data gathered in such a clean manner, we are able to bring you advanced demographic and creative analytics using data from across your portfolio and history. The longer you use POFpro, the more valuable analytics becomes. There is a HUGE amount of data that is gone to waste if you are not on our system.
  • Email Alerts: One of the goals for POFpro is so you spend less time looking at stats. To that end, we want for you to be able to create custom alerts and be notified by email when something needs your attention.

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