Additional features that will improve your quality of POF life

There’s a lot of little things about our platform that isn’t easily described until you’re actually in the system experiencing it, but here are some other crucial capabilities.

Dashboard: Get Your Portfolio Snapshot

Every day when you log in, the first thing you’ll be able to see is a concise dashboard showing you what is going on with your POF portfolio. What are the campaigns that are doing well? Which offers are the worst performers? How about landing pages?

You have an incredibly clear overview of the performance of your entire portfolio at all times. This doesn’t just apply to the current day. You will be able to see the general trend as you take a look at the performance over the last few days, week, and month, all in the same place.

Cloaking Referrers from Your Networks/Advertisers

The sales funnel you’ve worked so hard to create should not be shared with your networks or advertisers. POFpro hides the traffic source so they won’t know your leads are coming from POF. POFpro also cloaks your landing page URLs, which you can have hosted in a different server or different domain than your POFpro install. The only thing they know is the top level domain of your POFpro install.

Ad Resubmission: Resubmit Declined Ads in Batch for Reapproval

Often times, when ads are declined, it is a landing page issue. When your ads are declined like that for a simple, fixable mistake, it’s a hassle to resubmit the ads one by one. That’s why we give you the ability to do this with 1 click.

In addition, we have insider access to POF approvals to ensure your imported ads get approved.

Duplicating Campaigns Got Even Easier

In POFpro we like to mass edit everything. For instace, POF’s native duplication function is plenty easy, but it only lets you do it one at a time. With POFpro, you can duplicate multiple selected campaigns at once and specify how many copies you want to make. You can even select a group of campaigns and duplicate that group.

Archiving: Remove the Clutter

If you’ve advertised on POF for any significant amount of time, you’ll have experienced old campaigns cluttering up the space. You don’t want to cancel or delete them because you might want to come back to them in a month.

POFpro gives you the ability to remove those campaigns from view and restore them when you want. Archived campaigns are in a separate view and always remain accessible.

Mark High Performing Ads as “Winning Ads”

Mark stable and high performing ads as “Winning Ads” so they stand out in the reporting. You designate the requirements for an ad to be deemed a “Winning Ad”.

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