Rotate multiple landing pages and direct linking by % share

One of the most important value-adds a marketer can provide to the sales funnel is the landing page. POFpro makes it easy for you to connect your own landing pages to the process and track their click-through performances and overall profitability.

There are times, however, when the offer has a great landing page already, which is why you also need to split test direct linking to the offer. POFpro does all the setting up for you automatically.

Adjusting % Shares

When a certain landing page is performing better than most, you can easily adjust how often it runs by increasing the % share that it runs and lower the % share on other landing pages.

Offer and Landing Page Split Testing Rotations

Track Multi-Offer Landing Pages

Need to track multiple offers on the same landing page? We make that easy too. You can even rotate a bunch of offers in 1 link, and link directly to 3 offers in 3 other links, all on the same landing page.

Our landing page tracking capabilities are extremely simple to use, yet flexible enough to fit any situation.

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