Group campaigns together and apply bulk actions

One of our main data grouping features is the ability for you to group campaigns into campaign groups. Think of it as folders on steroids, allowing you to view aggregated performance data and apply bulk actions.

Apply bulk actions such as uploading and landing page/offer split tests

POFpro gives you the ability to upload ads into all campaigns within a group at once. Other bulk actions include adding landing pages and offers to all campaigns at once. Of course, you can always view aggregated performance of campaigns no matter how you group them.

Control campaign behavior for campaigns in the same group

Grouping campaigns together allows you to apply the same auto-optimization rules, as well as day-parting schedules, to those campaigns. For example, often times, each individual campaign may not have enough data for you to decide whether you want to stop running a campaigns at a certain time of the week.

Aggregating data from multiple similar campaigns, however, may give you enough data. You would then put those campaigns in the same group and apply a group-level day-parting schedule to run.

Grouping allows you to aggregate data from offers & landing pages

We have implemented the grouping feature for offers and landing pages as well, so you can see the performance of related items and keep everything organized and categorized.

It’s important to track aggregate landing page and offer performance historically across all the campaigns in your portfolio. POFpro makes this incredibly easy.

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