Teach POFpro to cut ads and pause campaigns based on your rules

Custom Rule-Based Auto-Optimization Feature

Are you looking over every ad and every campaign throughout the day to monitor their performance? Stop wasting your time!

Teach POFpro when you want to cut ads and pause campaigns by creating rules (called Hurdles) for it to follow. Never worry again that your campaign might lose too much money in the middle of the night!

Creating Custom Hurdles

Hurdles are rules you can create that POFpro can use to make decisions for you while you are away. You can apply many hurdles to a given campaign or a group of campaigns.

Campaigns and ads can be optimized based on:

  • Number of ads running
  • Campaign losses that day
  • Net loss on an ad
  • CTR
  • ROI
  • Clicks received
  • Multiple conditions at once

POFpro can perform the actions automatically or simply filter out the poor performers and wait for your decision. The bottom line is it saves you SO much time by filtering for performance.

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