Programmatic Advertising on POF with ONE platform.

Manage & analyze campaigns from one central self-hosted platform
Automate uploading, ad cutting, and campaign run/pause schedule
Split-test multiple offers, landing pages, and angles with ease
Master POF with our popular Mastery Guide, free with your trial


“Complete game-changer for POF traffic,” David Ford, AffPlaybook
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What is POFpro?

POFpro is a self-hosted, one-stop platform to manage, automate, and optimize your marketing campaigns for the Plenty of Fish advertising traffic source.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to efficiently and methodically dominate the POF traffic source. Affiliate marketers, digital agencies, and small businesses. Operations of all sizes.

Why use it?

This is a comprehensive platform that takes ALL the leg work out of scaling your marketing operation and optimizing your campaigns to perfection in 1/10th the time.

POFpro is an unbelievable tool to take our advertising platform to its absolute limit. It makes it a cakewalk for beginners to catch on, yet have the most advanced capabilities you can dream of.

Some of our biggest spenders are on this, and they rave about it. I think this is the new standard for anyone consistently advertising on POF, and it will be very difficult for people on something like Prosper202 to compete. The capabilites are worlds apart.

If you give this thing a real trial run, you will be absolutely hooked.

Primary Platform Features

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Additional Features

Some of our other features include: beautiful dashboards, insider access to POF approvals, cloaking traffic source and landing pages from networks/advertisers, mass editing capabilities such as duplicating multiple campaigns. Stickler for organization? You won’t find a better system. Click here to learn more.

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New to POF Marketing? We got you covered.

With our detailed guide and robust platform, you don’t need years of experience as a professional to start advertising profitably on POF.

The platform handles all the technical aspects of tracking, managing, and optimizing your campaigns, while the guide gives you step-by-step training to understand every bit of the POF traffic source.

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Training Topics

What our customers are saying

After years and $1,000,000+ spent advertising on Plenty of Fish, I have often thought there should be a better way to track performance… and now there is! With POFpro, it has all you’ll ever need to start and master POF ads. Game changer!

John L.Founder & CEO of Fogg Industries

Marketing on POF is just plug and play with POFpro. No need to manually operate ads anymore. POFpro does all the thinking and analytics without you. Never waste time uploading multiple creatives again. This is how marketing should be done.

Ian FernandoBoss at IANternet Media LLC

POFpro is a MUST-have tool if you want to master and dominate POF Ads. While your competition is managing everything by hand, you are saving a ton of valuable time and effort. POFpro is like bringing a machine gun to a knife fight. No. Brainer.


Spend less time monitoring your campaigns, and more time making new campaigns and [scaling] your current campaigns. I […] made my money back strictly using this tool to manage new campaigns in my 2nd day of use. That’s how powerful it is.


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